woensdag 9 juni 2010

Indoor Greenhouses for your herbs

Although a small herb garden is often advertized for beginner-gardeners, I find it hard to keep them alive. I usually either over or underwater them (or use the herbs too fast!)

If you have that same problem, you are in for a treat. Several small 'greenhouses' are recently launched on the market to help you not to murder your herbplants within a weeks time.

The Floratube is a small, low maintenance “biosphere reservation” for herbal cultivation. The idea for the floratube originates from the “Wardschen Kasten” (Wardian Case), an invention from the 19th century which allowed exotic agricultural and ornamental plants to survive long ocean voyages aboard ship. 
The mini-greenhouse is composed of only a ceramic base and a simple glass bell. This hermetically seals the contents in so that no moisture can escape. The plants which thrive in the floratube therefore only need a well-lit position and a little water every few weeks at the most – meanwhile you can take a harvest again and again. This makes floratube (not only, but also) a smart and useful living accessory for the modern, design-orientated city dweller who, despite not having his or her own garden, can still have a crop of fresh kitchen herbs available at all times. 

The Hydro Herb pot from Rosti Mepal has a hydro system that you only have to fill once or twice a week. Through a cotton cord the herbs will take up the amount of water they need.

Sagaforms Herb pots is my favorite of the bunch. It comes in three sizes: for a single herbplant, or double or triple. Just store your plant in the ceramic pot and water it through the hole. It selfwateringsystem will do the rest!

The Herb Savor from Prepara stores your fresh bundlle of herbs. It will guard your herbs for about three weeks in the fridge. This means that when you do buy herbs in the store, you do not have to throw it away, as usually pre-cut herbs don't last long but are sold in 'bulk'. Prepara also has a greenhouse that enables you to sow and harvast your own herbs year-round.

(Images via Aplusstore; Prepara and 7gadgets )

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