dinsdag 27 april 2010

The Lake & Stars

The Lake & Stars one of the rising stars in the lingerie world at the moment.
Shortly after the first developments this brand was a hit.
It was only a matter of time before major clothing chain Urban Outfitters commissioned an
exclusive collection by the brand. Also photographers are really grateful, and us the collection to shoot beautiful pictures, like this example Tom Hines made.
I think it is stunning, and I keep looking at it, the pale colours the weird composition.
I just love it.


When I was in Madrid last year, I had a late lunch at Tragaluz' first Madrid establishment Bar Tomate.
I loved the interior, with its greyish/concrete wall that doubles as an open cabinet and terra coloured accents for chairs and dishes. I am usually not a lover of that color combination or of terracotta in particular, but since my lunch at Bar Tomate this is changing.

The terracotta reminded me of Tichelaar's Crockery series, designed by Lonny van Ryswyck and Nadine Sterk (Atelier NL) in 2009.

This project with Royal Tichelaar jumpstarted of the Drawn from Clay project by Atelier NL. It started by digging up, shaping and baking clay from different locations through the Netherlands. They created a beautiful series of plates and bowls in different colors and structures, showing the local identity of the area the clay was taken from. The result is a pottery’s service made from 6 different local Dutch clays.

P.S. The food at Bar Tomate was delicious!

maandag 26 april 2010

Roodkapje Rotterdam

Roodkapje is a project located at the Meent.
They call themselves a cultural supermarkted, with always the most distant offer of art.
Besides the most distant offer, they also offer a wide range,
You can go there for expo's, screenings, movies, party's, fashion events and more.
You can also go there for a bite to eat, they have a daily menu with the best variaty of burgers, also vegetarian ones.
It feels like a little piece of Berlin, located in Rotterdam

donderdag 22 april 2010

bacsac inspires

Bagsac keeps on inspiring people to green up the world.
Love the product, and hope to see it more and more, and make the world more green.

Masking tape 2.0

You are probably all very familiar with masking tape.
You will also know then that masking tape was originally used in construction sites and vehicle paint shops for curing and to prevent articles from being painted. I don't have to tell anybody that the colors all look adorable, not to mention the washi designs and that the packaging looks attractive. These features make me crazy in the shop, where I find myself contemplating for hours about which colorcombo to purchase.

Nothing new so far.


Kamoi Kakoshi recently introduced a new product to their masking tape line: MT wrap.
With this wrap (in 6 lovely colors/designs) they bring masking taping experience to a whole new level!
See the video about this new product here

(top image from studio tota)

dinsdag 20 april 2010

Beach Bag

This leather inforced toolbag of Heritage Leather would double perfectly as a beach bag. At Hickorees they have three sizes. The plusses are the aluminum frame which makes the bag relatively lightweight (I guess in comparison to a steel framed tool bag), the studs underneath prevent the top grain cowhide from scratching too much and the water resistant fiber board bottom helps retain bag shape.

maandag 19 april 2010

Jaime Bennati

Can you believe this is not some coral or an imprint of a fossil?

This is discarded newspaper!

Jamie Bennati is absolutely a magician with paper! From discarded news paper, Jaime created an intricate paper sculpture based on folding and patterning. Jaime’s concept came from her discovery of an abandoned building in a working-class Baltimore neighborhood. After some exploration and research on the warehouse, she retrieved some of the items left over from it — documents, furniture, and a lot of newspaper. In the meantime, the building has been torn down.

From simply rescuing what was to be demolished, Jaime has produced work with beautiful shapes and patterns from the folds and construction in of the news paper.

On her site you can see the listings of her showcases. On her blog she records the steps she makes for her new project.

(found through upon a fold and brownpaperbag)

zondag 18 april 2010


When you will be in Paris soon, you have to see this exhibition.
Until the october 10 in the Musee de La Mode et du Textile, you can experience creations of Sonia Rykiel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Yves Saint Laurent. Something you don't want to miss when your in Paris.

Belvoir Fruit Farms

Belvoir Fruit Farms make the most naturally delicious soft drinks using the finest ingredients they can find. They grow their own elderflowers, press real fruits and cook ginger, lemongrass and other spices on their farm to ensure that their drinks taste real and fruity, just like homemade.

On their website they enlist several recipes for cocktails (in a collaboration with Create Cocktails and Alex Kammerling) and some recipes like the buttermilk pannacotta with raspberry and rose.

Besides the great taste of their drinks and cordials, the packaging, its typography and color palette looks superb. Joy from OhJoy shows us how perfectly the Belvoir Pomegranate and Raspberry presse bottle teams up with a sprig of lilac.

(images from Lovely Package and OhJoy)

zaterdag 17 april 2010


Brvtvs (Pronunciation: \ˈbrü-təs\) is a New York based jewelry collection created by Caroline Ventura. Inspired by her love for menswear tailoring, Brvtvs mixes masculine and feminine touches to create pieces that are restrained and delicate. Just the way things should be.

I particularly like these 14k gold chain bracelets woven with silk thread; they make me feel a bit nostalgic when I think back at those cotton bracelets you had to 'wear off'.

(seen on 2 or 3 things)

vrijdag 16 april 2010


When I was browsing on this and this on-line stores, I fell in love with this greenhouse. It would fit perfectly in my house and I would gladly trade it to my propagator anytime. I can already see it happily housing all my herbplants, tomato seedlings and my ranunculus and anemone plants that I keep indoors.

However, they only ship within the US as it would be to fragile for such a long-haul flight to Amsterdam.
So sad.

woensdag 14 april 2010

paper garden

These beautiful flowers are handmade with paper by Carol Gearing. Every single flower is cut out from ivory handmade cotton rag paper, cut with scalpel and scissors and sculpted into these beautiful forms. For more pictures see here.

Apparently, Carol sells her flowers either as a whole wall object or single ones.

(seen on uponafold)

dinsdag 13 april 2010


Another Shop 46 has opened his doors on 26 of march in Rotterdam.
Ansh46 is a store for women, and sells a wide range of mostly Scandinavian brands as, Vilsbol de Arce, Complex Geometrics and Carin Wester. Escpecially the big price range of the Ansh 46 makes them different than other concepts, everybody can buy there.
A true profit for Rotterdam.

zondag 11 april 2010

Stunning photography

Between april 10 and june 15 Andrew Moore a selection of Andrew Moore his work will be exposed at the Gallery Alex Daniels/Reflex. 15 of his large scale photographs will be shown there.


Sunny Morning

During one of my many blog visits, I was captured by this picture.
After the long winter, we are now enjoying of the sun rays and the longer evenings.
I am looking forward to wake up one morning like this.


zaterdag 10 april 2010

Photo Festival Knokke Heist

From 28/03/2010 until 13/06/2010 you can visit Knokke Heist, and enjoy the photography festival.
For 10 weeks long around the city you can see several expo's of different photographers.
Also photo's of on of my favourites, Tim Walker are exposed in Knokke Heist this summer.
Really worth a visit.

vrijdag 9 april 2010

Everyday beautiful

In Rotterdam in the Hoogstraat Charlotte Wooning opened her own jewelry store.
Besides her own collection she also sells an exclusive selection of designer jewelry.
Definitely worth a a visit.
The store is open every friday from 12.00 - 18.00
Otherwise you can make an appointment.

maandag 5 april 2010

Create your own personal herb garden in your window

I was walking in Rotterdam, and passed by the nice window of a cookery school.
It made me feel so inspired, that I wanted to create a nice little window like this for myself.
And I am still working on it!