maandag 19 april 2010

Jaime Bennati

Can you believe this is not some coral or an imprint of a fossil?

This is discarded newspaper!

Jamie Bennati is absolutely a magician with paper! From discarded news paper, Jaime created an intricate paper sculpture based on folding and patterning. Jaime’s concept came from her discovery of an abandoned building in a working-class Baltimore neighborhood. After some exploration and research on the warehouse, she retrieved some of the items left over from it — documents, furniture, and a lot of newspaper. In the meantime, the building has been torn down.

From simply rescuing what was to be demolished, Jaime has produced work with beautiful shapes and patterns from the folds and construction in of the news paper.

On her site you can see the listings of her showcases. On her blog she records the steps she makes for her new project.

(found through upon a fold and brownpaperbag)

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