woensdag 16 maart 2011

Join us in helping Japan!

Join us in helping Japan!  

Miscellaneous-store is donating a share of its revenues of the coming month to the Japanese Red Cross. 

We are busy folding origami cranes. Of every crane we will donate 100% to the Japanese Red Cross. These origami cranes have a handwritten thank you message and are available in white, kraft and a variety of light coloured paper. You can help and buy your origami crane here.

In Japan the Crane bird represents longevity, hope, happiness and contentment (of satisfaction). Traditionally they will fold a thousand Crane birds in times of illness or other misfortune. During the process all of the folder's postive energy will be sent to whomever needs it.

Brigitta, of Miscellaneous, was in Tokyo at the time of the first earthquake on March 11th 2011: "I was in a train near Yokohama at the time of the first quake. At first I did not realize the shaking was a earthquake. Only when I stepped out of the vehicle it hit me. However I only learned about the severity of the earthquake many hours later." She returned safely to Amsterdam, but wants to contribute: "With this gesture I would like to support Japan in their fight. We need to help each other in such times."

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