zondag 1 mei 2011

NEW In our store NOW #4 Midori Traveler's Notebook 5 year anniversary limited edition

The leather notebook itself is of this rich and warm camel coloured leather, with the same thickness as the other types.

The 5 year anniversary range has a Customize! theme, with the idea that you can now also personalize your Midori Traveler's Notebook on the inside (with all the possible fillings) but also on the outside:

Charm your elastic band, by either using the spare green emerald one, or with the beads pack. This pack has several colours of elastic bands plus an assortment of wooden and metal beads. Or use the metal charms of leather tags for this purpose. The leather tag is of the same camel leather as the notebook.

Or use one of 5 stickerpacks to decorate the paper covers of your journals:

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